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Dr. Marty & Nicole Henderson

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Dr. Marty and Nicole Henderson are New Braunfels residents and the co-founders of Texas Laser Therapy.  Dr. Henderson has been a practicing veterinarian since 1999 and is also the owner of SonoVet, Inc., a mobile veterinary diagnostic ultrasound service serving over 180 hospitals and over 450 veterinarians across the South Texas region.  Dr. Henderson is well respected across the region as a skilled diagnostician and internal medicine resource for veterinarians across the SonoVet service area.  Dr. Henderson's work has been recognized and published on multiple digital and print media and he has trained numerous veterinarians across the world in the art of advanced diagnostic ultrasound, having 4 veterinarians and 1 registered diagnostic cardiac sonographer locally on staff.

Marty & Nicole first started investigating light as a therapy option for their son who was diagnosed at age 3 with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (aka Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis).  While JIA/JRA are autoimmune diseases, the benefits of the light therapy were significant in managing their son's pain and inflammation and improving quality of life while therapies were initiated to address the autoimmune component of the disease.  Valerie Gause and James Carroll of Thor Photomedicine have been instrumental in educating them on how photobiomodulation therapy (PBMT) can help a wide variety of conditions in both humans and animals.

Marty & Nicole have been taking their son to see Dr. Wally Taylor in Austin at Texas Integrative Medicine for 2 years and introduced Dr. Taylor to Thor.  Dr. Taylor has teamed up with Texas Laser Therapy to serve as the overseeing doctor for hand-held laser treatments on people.  Dr. Henderson will serve as the overseeing doctor for the treatment of animals with the handheld laser and has done over 24 hours of continuing education on photobiomodulation.

Marty & Nicole love to travel.  Nicole is an avid photographer and also a full-time stay at home mother homeschooling their 3 children.  As a creative outlet, Marty is an avid music lover and enjoys playing guitar and singing.

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