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PBM Therapy & Sports Performance and Recovery

DOWNLOAD: THOR Sports White Paper of published research evidence of PBMT enhancing performance & recovery

The NovoTHOR light pod is receiving considerable world wide acclaim as a powerful tool for professional athletes, highlighted by the Nike Oregon Project runners who report that the NovoTHOR light pod was what made the difference in their winning multiple gold medals at the Rio Olympics in 2016.  Research and clinical evidence indicate notable benefits for traumatic brain injuries (acute & chronic), frequently outperforming all other therapies currently available.

The Dallas Cowboys and Phoenix Suns already own NovoTHOR light pods for their training facilities.


As a non-medical intervention, the same advances professional athletes make with this technology can be applied to all athletes at an affordable price point:

  • Athletes - pro, semi-pro, amateurs, CrossFit, college, high school, gym members and personal trainers

  • Recovery times reduced from 72 hours to as little as 6-24 hours through pre-conditioning NovoTHOR sessions as well as post-exercise/competition sessions.

  • NovoTHOR sessions reduce post-exertional muscle soreness, speed muscle recovery, increase muscle performance and accelerate healing of acute injuries reportedly up to 30-50%. 

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See how the NovoTHOR played a huge role in the success of the 2016 Nike US Olympic team in Rio, Brazil:

2016 Olympic Coach, All Star Athletics:

Watch Justin Gatlin, who has incorporated the NovoTHOR into his training, beat Usain Bolt (the world's 100m record holder) in Bolt's final career race at the 2017 World Championships in London, 8/5/17:

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